“I hired SGI to be my business coach and was overwhelmed with their dedication, knowledge, and communication skills. I could tell they spent many hours researching my field so she could provide valuable suggestions and direction. They were in tune with where I was at and where I wanted to go. Every time we spoke, they listened with a caring heart and was able to provide applicable, doable action steps to further me along my path.

What made my experience with SGI even more impactful was their love for God and how they walked that out every day. It inspired and encouraged me to strengthen my walk with Him. SGI’s skills, wisdom, and heart are well worth the investment. Truly a gem who I highly recommend.”

– Cathy Tong

“Just wanted to say thank you SGI for building a solid foundation for my business based on Jesus Christ!

Under their coaching, I was able to discover my calling to do this business and acquire the tools needed. I have a deeper relationship with Jesus and am depending on Him more and more. I’ve learned that He never fails me, regardless!

The biggest change was my mindset. I’m more ground and center. Instead of reacting, I am able to take Godly and intelligent actions to handle any situations.

SGI is very kind, compassionate, loving and patient. They are able to relate but knows when to push you.

Because of their coaching, I’ve grown my business 3 times the size! I was considered an underdog, but now I’m thriving.”

– Rika Smith

“SGI Business Solutions, LLC was my business coach for almost a year.  During that time I reached several of my goals. One of them was teaching full time at Leeward Community college, while still running my business and taking care of my 2 year old daughter.  I could never have come this far without their tireless coaching and positive energy.  It is like having your very own cheerleader.  If you have goals that you just can’t seem to reach, and just need a little help, SGI will keep you on track!”

– Abigail Langlas

“SGI is the best business coach I have ever worked with. Their insight and wisdom has helped me to clearly define my business plan and strategy. They have made all the difference and I would highly recommend them as a business coach. For entrepreneurs and existing business owners, SGI will help you take your business to a new level. Thank you SGI! I look forward to a lifelong partnership with you!

– Renee Kam

“I want to say that SGI is an Angel that God sent them to help me with my Christ-centered business. l was struggling with build my business for a while, a friend of mine recommended them to me.

SGI is very knowledgeable, very skilled and patient.

They are different than other business coaches because they taught me be obedient to following God’s lead.

I was very happy working with them, they always encouraged me and believe myself can become better .

With SGI’s coach, my business double growth !!

Highly recommend SGI.”

– Yuan Wang