Changing lives, one business at a time.”

SGI’s Mission

SGI is a God center consulting firm that is on a mission to empower, support & create female owned businesses.  We partner with God honoring women to  START, GROW and IMPROVE their business.  We have an elite, one of a kind system that allows our clients to thrive personally and professionally. We coach our clients to find their identity in Christ, heal from their past & leverage their strengths to flourish in the purpose God has for them in business ownership. We are “Changing lives, one business at a time!”

SGI’s Vision

Our vision is shift how female entrepreneurs do business. By teaching them to love & like themselves; to heal & be restored by God’s love; steward their money according to God’s direction & be disciplined to seek God daily, they will see success that is unimaginable. By doing business with God as the CEO, female entrepreneurs will thrive, be more efficient, be more effective, which will change lives and shift communities.

About the Owner

From a young age Tiffany Ahuna always loved helping others. Her dream was to help people to live a better quality of life but had no a clue how. In 2011 she started SGI Business Solutions, LLC. Tiffany had a strong busines background & a history of success in the corporate world. She quickly found out that business ownership was harder than she would ever imagine. Through years of struggles, tears and doubt, Tiffany learned to surrender everything to the Lord. She worked diligently on finding her identity in Christ, healing from her past & seeking God on a daily basis through the reading the Bible & praying. By doing this, she was able to hear God’s direction on rebranding SGI to what it is today…a Christ centered consulting firm.