Creating, supporting & empowering BossBabes4Christ!”


“Christ-Centered” Business Coaching

What does it mean to be a “Christ-Centered” Business Coach? It means that we teach our clients to start by seeking God thru prayer and treating Him as the CEO of their business. Then we coach our clients to let God lead all of their decision making and steps. Finally we praise God by giving Him all the glory. Why do we do this? Because God is all knowing and all powerful which means He can lead you to achieving success in a way you never fathomed. 

As “Christ-Centered” business coach we are also seeking God every step of the way on how to support, empower and problem solve for each of our clients. This way of business coaching has allowed SGI to be success with each client to date. Providing “out of the box” solutions that are customized to the personality and lifestyle of our client(s).

Coaching Program

Our goal is to give each client the foundation and tools to thrive personally and professionally according to God’s will and way. The coaching program consists of 2-hour weekly meetings for a 5-months period. Meetings are a combination of in person and on zoom.

First, we will create a strong personal & business foundation. We have one of kind business tools that will walk you through how to build a strong foundation, step by step. The first 1-2 months are focused on, but not limited to, (1) Assessing the business (2) Creating a strong business foundation based on the gifts & calling God has given you (3) Learning how  “Love & Like Yourself” (4) Financial check up & tracking & (5) Being disciplined & consistent with effective daily habits.

Next, we strategize how to achieve your goals and implement the game plan. Months 3-5 are typically focused on (6) Brand Identity (7) Social Media (8) Efficient & effective workflow (9) Increasing revenues & an other additional coaching the client may be needed. In addition, we will meet our clients where they are at and adjust our coaching to the needs or our client.

Finally, we will make sure you have the tools to continue to level up after you are done with our coaching program. Again, imagine how amazing your business will be with God, who is all powerful and all knowing, leading you. By the time you complete your 5-month coaching program, you will definitely feel like a “BossBabe4Christ”! Click here to see what our clients are saying about us.


What is a “BossBabe4Christ” (BB4C)? A BB4C is a female entrepreneur who finds her identity in CHRIST (God). She is confident, humble & kind. BB4C treats people with love, honor and respect. Equally important, she invests in herself & strives to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally & financially.

A BB4C doesn’t conform to the ways of the world; she lives according to God’s way & will. She operates in her purpose & calling, has her own style & leverages her spiritual gifts. Lastly, she is PASSIONATE, FIERCE & has a whole lot of FUN! Check out our BB4C vibe on Instagram.