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Business Services:

Whether you are new or existing business, finding the right people can be overwhelming. Our goal is to support our clients by making things easy. We have set up a team of strategic partners that are elite in their industry. Let us know what you need and we will connect you with the perfect match.

• Accounting & Payroll  • Business Plans  • Business Insurance  • Commercial Real Estate

• HR Services  • Legal Services  • Marketing  • Medical  • Merchant Services  • Staffing •  Websites


What Our Clients Say About Us

“SGI has changed my life. From our first conversation I knew that SGI would keep my best interest at the fore front of all of our work. They are methodical in their approach and challenges you to answer tough questions about who you are, what your skill set is, and what would make you happy. 8 months later and I’m a business owner. After working with SGI and staying true to the tools they provided, I feel confident that I have set myself up for success in my new business venture. I would recommend SGI to any new business owner as they begin their journey or an existing business owner looking to take a new approach in how they drive results.”

Charlene Beach – Owner of Pacific Social5