Empowering existing and new female entrepreneurs to run Christ Centered businesses.


We consulting services that create temporary business partnerships that give our clients long-term results and success according to God centered and biblical practices. We are passionate about the success of our client’s business ventures & at times, can be more passionate about their dreams & goals than they are.  By hiring SGI Business Solutions, don’t have to run their business alone.


The first step to being successful in business is making sure our clients are comfortable and confident in who they are as an individual. We have tools & exercises that allow our clients to gain an understanding of how they operate, why they do the things they do & identify the adjustments they need to make to do business at their BEST!

Business Foundation

Developing a strong foundation is crucial for the longevity of a business. We guide new business owners through a system that allows them to operate a business with God at the center. We walk our clients through the business basics of creating a business name, mission statement, core values & tagline that they are proud and passionate about.. This creates clarity and direction for the business to be successful on a short-term and long-term basis.

Daily Habits

What you do on a daily basis will make or break your business. As a business owner, you are always wearing multiple “hats”. We naturally gravitate to the tasks we are good at & neglect that ones we are not confident in doing or don’t want to do. We have created a system which allows business owners to manage their “hats” more efficiently which set them up for long-term success! If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing on a daily basis, YOU WILL HIT YOUR GOALS!

Level Up

Planning properly is essential when it comes to growth and expansion. We teach our clients to be proactive, rather than reactive. Planning ensures growth and expansion is a good thing, not bad.

Outside the Box

Who likes do things the same way everyone else is doing them? NOT US!! We pride ourselves on coming up with “Out of the Box” solutions & ways to do business. Do you have a business idea or lifestyle goals that no one has accomplished yet? Great! We loving taking our clients ideas & dreams that they never thought was possible & turning it into their reality. When God guides, God provides & He can do anything!