Creating, supporting & empowering Boss Babes 4 Christ!”

Your temporary “Business Partner”

Based on industry standards our services are call “Business Coaching” services, but we don’t just coach, we get involved. We think of our services as a temporary business partner because we are very passionate about the success of each client that hires us. When you hire SGI Business Solutions, LLC you don’t have to run your business alone. We partner with you on all aspects of your business.

“Boss Babe 4 Christ”

A “Boss Babe 4 Christ” is a woman who finds her identity in CHRIST (God). She is confident, humble & kind. She treats people with love, honor & respect. She invests in herself & strives to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally & financially. She doesn’t conform to the ways of the world; she lives according to God’s way & will. She operates in her purpose & calling; has her own style; leverages her spiritual gifts & has a whole lot of FUN!

Christ-Center – Purpose Driven & Focused on Your Calling

What does it mean to be “Christ-Center”? It means that Christ is the guiding every aspect of your business. This mean that your business is “Purpose Driven”! We believe that everyone has the same purpose, which is furthering the kingdom by sharing God’s love & pushing people towards Him. Your “Calling” is how you fulfill your purpose which is typically different for each person. Our goal is bring clarity on what God’s calling is for you and having Him lead every aspect of your business. We will teach you how to treat God as your CEO! He will be guiding your daily activity, marketing strategy, operations, strategic planning, staff and more. Imagine how amazing your business will be with God, who is all powerful and all knowing, leading you.

Coaching Program

Our coaching program consists of 2-hour weekly meetings for a 5-months period. Meetings are a combination of in person and on zoom. Month 1-2 months are focused on assessing the business, creating the business foundation and identifying the clients KPI’s. Depending on where the client’s business is and how much progress they make each week it may take 3 months to complete the first 3 steps. Months 3-5 is focused on generating revenue by improving systems, branding, marketing, customer service, money management and whatever else may be needed.

Business Foundation

Developing a strong foundation is crucial for the longevity of a business. We guide you through a system that allows you to build a business foundation with God at the center. We will walk you through the business basics of creating a business name, mission statement, core values & tagline that tie into your calling/purpose that will keep you accountable and passionate about what you are doing.

Daily Habits

What you do on a daily basis will make or break your business. As a business owner, you are always wearing multiple “hats”. We naturally gravitate to the tasks we are good at & neglect that ones we are not confident in doing or don’t want to do. We have created a system which allows you to manage your “hats” more efficiently which set them up for long-term success! If you are doing what God is asking you to do on a daily basis, YOU WILL HIT YOUR GOALS!